Photo courtesy of Foster & Partners

Optimus crc remote controls on a mobile device

Join us for this exciting KUKA | crc workshop in KUKA | prc – Parametric Robot Control. Using Cloud Remote Control you will learn to program and monitor the progress of robots from anywhere in the world. During this workshop we will explore design for automated production, learn about robot simulation and optimization, and push our code to the robot!

Our intent is to empower workshop participants with remote robotic capabilities so that you can be on a beach, mountain or international office and still collaborate with automated construction facilities around the world. Our goal is to blend the physical experience of working with robots with the digital experience of online collaboration.

Because really what zoom meeting isn’t made better by the ability to control a giant robot!

Workshop participants will learn how to design parametric approaches for robotic fabrication.

We will install the KUKA | crc plugin, discuss the robotic cell and constraints, customize code, then simulate and send programs remotely to an automated production cell . We will monitor the process by seeing a digital twin mirror the motion of the robot in our design environments. Participants will learn about new approaches to automation and discover how accessible robots can be.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Cloud Remote Control
  • Gain an understanding of design for automated fabrication
  • Learn methods for robotic simulation & optimization
  • Discuss the future of robots in architecture & construction

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