Manufacturing is using robots more and more to make things better and do hard tasks automatically. Normally, people teach robots how to move by showing them certain points to follow. This works well when robots always do the same thing over and over until they need a new path. But when we want robots to move in different ways for each item, we need a smarter way.

This smarter way is called “parametric approach.” It uses computer design to make rules that tell robots how to move. This helps us plan, analyze, and make things with robots. With this approach, we connect how things are designed and engineered to how robots move. If we change the design, the robot knows how to move differently. This way, we can know early on if changes in the design will work for making things with the robot.

Also, using this smart way to control robots lets us use computers to find better and faster ways to make things. We can teach the computer to improve how robots work, almost like how living things adapt and get better at things.

The KUKA | prc Parametric Robot Control is a tool that helps people from design, engineering, and manufacturing teams use this smart way to control robots. It makes it easier to make unique programs for robots and connect design to making things.

Now, we want to teach you how to use this tool. We’re offering a 3-day workshop where you can learn how to control robots with the KUKA | prc Parametric Robot Control. You’ll start with the basics and learn how to do more advanced things. We’ll show you how to use computer design to make robots move in special ways for each item.

Robots in Architecture Research will teach you all about this in this industrial training workshop. You’ll learn how to tell robots how to move, how to use special tools, how to make sure robots won’t crash into things, and how to make them work better. We’ll also talk about other cool things like making things move and how to make sure the robot understands what to do.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the design software. You can try it for free for a month. So join us and discover the exciting world of robots and how they can make things in amazing ways!

Day 1 – 6 teaching hours

  • Introduction to KUKA|prc
    • Core & custom tool setup
    • Basics of robot movements

Day 2 – 6 teaching hours

  • Parametric Path Planning
    • Design for production
    • Mass customization

Day 3 – 6 teaching hours

  • Optimization & Documentation
    • Analysis & evolutionary algorithms
    • Animation & visualization
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The workshop will run for 3 days with a duration of 6 teaching hours per day. A one-hour break will be held during the workshop. The workshop can accommodate from 5-8 people. The work offered here is calculated on a daily rate basis with an additional day included to cover a half day of preparation and a two hour follow up consultation.