In 2011, the Association for Robots in Architecture (RIA) released KUKA|prc which enabled artists, architects, and engineers to easily program robots.

In 2012, RIA launched ROB|ARCH, the bi-annual worldwide conference bringing people together to share ideas and host workshops on robotic processes.

In 2016, Robots in Architecture Research LLC (RiAR) was spun off to serve the growing need for commercial innovation and collaboration with industry.

In 2020, RiAR is launching KUKA|crc Cloud Remote Control, a plug in which enables industry and academia to program, monitor and adapt their robotic processes from anywhere in the world, increasing their access to automation while maintaining safe social distancing.

Robots in Architecture Research (RiAR) offers commercial licenses of KUKA|prc providing custom software development, programming and integration to leading industrial partners around the world.

Robots in Architecture Research develops commercial solutions for connecting parametric CAD and BIM to Industry 4.0 technologies, focusing on the development of user-friendly interfaces for industrial robotic fabrication.

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